commercial space for leaseWhen searching for a commercial real estate partner, it’s important to find someone focused on more than just commercial space for lease. The Welsh and Colliers Corporate Services group helps corporations align their real estate and workplace strategy with their core business strategy. We design and implement customized solutions to turn your real estate into one of your corporations strengths. Our Corporate Services experts specialize in understanding your specific needs as an extension of your corporate real estate organization—whether it involves engagement with your internal customers, expertise in your industry, experience in a local market or specialty with an asset type. And, since we offer more than commercial space for lease, we can add value to the entire real estate process through our comprehensive look at your real estate and project management needs. By bringing all of our service groups together, we are able to look at a building’s design, construction, maintenance and capital considerations to add value throughout the process.

Part of our process invloves working with our in house project management team to manage your real estate transformations.

Commercial Space for Lease and Other Corporate Real Estate Services

We can provide any of the following services for your corporate facility.