healthcare brokersHealthcare organizations have unique real estate needs and operate within a highly regulated industry. Welsh and Colliers’ Healthcare Services Group of healthcare brokers and specialists understand these challenges and will partner with your firm to develop effective real estate solutions while allowing your staff to remain focused on its mission.

There are significant differences between medical office and traditional investment office space. In addition, medical groups are more frequently faced with own vs. lease decisions and must negotiate real estate financial structures that offer protection and flexibility. Location and image are also important factors–where you do business affects patient care. Also, construction and facility maintenance requires specialized expertise in order to effectively perform building construction and maintenance without affecting current operations.

Whether you are building, operating, leasing, purchasing, selling, investing, maintaining, or developing healthcare real estate, our experienced healthcare brokers, architects, construction specialists, and facility maintenance experts will work collaboratively with you to identify market opportunities, optimize real estate efficiency, or implement cost-control measures that ensure the best possible outcome for your unique challenges.

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