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A workplace is more than where people work to complete tasks and generate revenue – it’s an essential piece of the overall success of a business. It takes all pieces of a business environment to work together to support current objectives but to also position your business for future flexibility.

We start with a comprehensive view of where you are and where you want to be then tailor our workplace solutions to get you there.


WorkSmart Series

Performance, Productivity, and the Bottom Line

Is your workplace strategy supporting your business goals? In this report, we take an in-depth look at how and why creating an optimized, balanced and engaged workplace affects employees and the bottom line and why 90% of leaders feel the same.

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It’s not about Millennial vs. Boomer.
It’s not about walls vs. benches

It’s time to remove focus from the age of employees and redirect it to the tools we give them. Self-proclaimed, Gen X’er somewhere in the middle, Dan Peterson, Colliers International MSP Technology Solutions Group shares his views on what it is really all about in today’s workplace.

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How to Reduce the Cost of Your Office Space and Still Recruit and Retain Top Talent?

Your office space is a major expense for your business. In this report, we discuss how you can minimize office occupancy costs while still creating an environment that allows you to attract and keep the employees you need to make your business successful.

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Destination Suburbs: Redefining live-work-play for the sophisticated millennial generation

Steve Shepherd, Vice President, Colliers International MSP examines how attractive suburban mixed-use developments along with reinvented suburban office parks and convenient locations are redefining the profile of what “modern” looks like to today’s discerning workforce.

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Using Agile Development Principles to Prepare for the City of the Future

Dan Peterson, Colliers International MSP Technology Solutions Group, takes a closer look at the five key themes in Deloitte’s recent report, “Innovations in Commercial Real Estate, Preparing for the City of the Future.”

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Mergers and Acquisitions : Making The Right Real Estate Moves

Corporate Real estate is typically one of the top three assets of every company, and is often undervalued or ignored in M&A transactions. Having a defined real estate strategy and determining how to handle the portfolio before, during and after a M&A transaction is critical to a company’s overall success.

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Talent acquisition, operational efficiencies, cost savings, and culture are all impacted by different components of your real estate and workplace strategy.



50% Of the time, we are not
at our desks

#1 Operating expense in commercial
buildings is energy

90% Of leaders know the workplace
can enable/hinder productivity

70% Of employees are

Depending on your business needs, we assemble a team of experts to create and implement customized workplace solutions that best support your business goals.


Our services include:

Transaction & Lease Management

Portfolio Management

Move Management

Furniture Procurement Coordination

Facilities Management

Construction & Remodeling

Strategy & Innovation

Technology Management





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