education in minnesotaWhen it comes to education in Minnesota, we take the importance of learning very seriously. With a population of 2.8 million with a labor force of 1.6 million, the Twin Cities metro area is nationally recognized for its highly educated and experienced workforce. Minneapolis ranks near the top of the lists of “smartest cities” and “America’s most literate cities.”  Excellence in education in Minnesota starts early, and ranks first in the nation (at 91%) for number of residents with a high school diploma. The University of Minnesota has the fourth largest enrollment in the U.S., and ranks among the top 3 research institutions in the country. In addition to the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis has 13 colleges and universities for businesses to draw their workforce from and send employees to for continuing education.

Education in Minnesota: At a Glance

  • 37.9% of the Minneapolis-St. Paul population holds a bachelor degree or higher compared to national average of 30.4%
  • Fifth-largest system of two-year and four-year colleges and universities in the nation
  • Daily Beast named Minneapolis the “Fourth Smartest City in America”

Higher Education

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