Schematic Design is the first phase of space concepting that seeks to define the general scope and view of a project and includes scale and relationships between building components.  Normally a time-consuming step in the design process that requires field measuring and CAD input, Welsh Construction and Welsh Architecture teamed up to employ new laser scan technology in order to create an as-built model in less than one day.  With the application of this innovative technology, the Welsh team was able to interpret and render aesthetic preferences and meet budget requirements for a client’s quick-turn around request for an existing multifamily amenity space renovation.

In this unique situation, there were a number of benefits to using the laser technology. The ability of the laser to scan through walls and any other structures allowed for a more accurate floor plan, in addition to a shortened timeline. The schematics produced using this approach are compatible with BIM software that creates 3D models and floor plans.

The quick turnaround saved the client time and money and ultimately allowed them to make a quick decision on whether or not to pursue the project. Welsh Construction will be starting the project around April 1st.

Working closely with the architecture team on the project allowed Welsh Construction to remain extremely nimble in the early planning stages of the Fountain Place project.